Cheap Video Cards: Is there Such a Thing?

It has always been believed that the lesser cost would mean inferior quality in anything that you may purchase. The same holds true for computers and any part or peripheral you may want to replace. Video cards and chips vary in prices and while they may seem tempting, it is best to take a second look. Do not be driven by prices. It is best to study the actual specifications and if possible, ask the vendor why it was priced at such.

The way I see it, lower priced video cards can occur because of two things:

1. Old Stocks
2. To create a new product line for customer preference.

If the reason for lower priced video cards are due to old stocks, then you are buying an outdated but brand new card. The only downside in this area is that you are buying something new that was in demand some months back. However, when it comes to performance and actual use, you can be assured that such video cards will perform satisfactorily and perhaps for a longer period unless defects crop up.

As far as new products offered cheap, performance is bound to dip and the reliability may be in question. Video cards are known to last for a longer number of years but based on their production and use, it may dwindle in useful life numbers considering that wear and tear applicable to these cards is evident.

Replacing them may be easy but if you want to save on needed replacement of video cards, then buying the high-end ones seem to be the logical choice when you make investments.