Quad Core Processors

With the continued demand for higher capacity and powered PC processors today, the concept of quad core desktops is lingering in the air to satisfy the demand for higher processor PC in the market today. Intel has announced that it new Nehalem microarchitecture would be quad core chips for high end desktops which should be good news aspiring for the older chips. In case this develops, a slash in prices for the old processor chips is sure to take place and if you are among the people aching for a new PC, here is your big break.

This trend should not be surprising. We have seen such practices over the years that each time a new chip enters the market, old ones can be bought at lower prices. Too bad for the eager techies, the price drop can be very dramatic. And in this case, with the demand for graphics and software requirements increasing, no one wants to do them with a slowpoke PC.

Of course, the price for this new quad processor will demand a hefty price. Since it is new in the market, expect them to be higher than what the current price of processors in the market are today. And while that is in the air, do not forget that the key here is to adhere towards growing demands in the IT industry. With new chips in the market, there is no telling what the next demand will be. A Quantum Processor perhaps? Now that is not far-fetched.