Discounted Taiwan PCs Sold with Viruses

As a customer, we will always be looking for freebies to go with the product we buy. They may come in the form of bags or any small but useful item. However, the last thing we would want to get is a virus to boot, coming together with a brand new PC. Security risks are important to ensure optimum performance of computers but when they initially come with viruses already, there is something severely wrong with the process. Internal sabotage perhaps?

Well you cannot discount the possibilities. For one, lower priced computers will always have their share of peculiarity. Why would someone sell a computer at a cheaper price? Some may use it as a marketing perspective, others perhaps as a means to dispose of old inventory. There are also others who simply want to turn it into cash or something liquid to get them going. But in the end, if you are not careful, you may be getting more than what you bargained for.

Such is the case of this Taiwan discount personal manufacturer who has allegedly discovered viruses residing in the about 4,500 Eee Box Desktop PCs. They have been since recalled and while the effort may be commendable, it is also a big dent and is certain to draw criticism as how these viruses got inside these PCs in the first place.