Desktop Sales going Berzerk!

Aside from the holidays coming in, computer stores are desperately trying to get rid of old inventory with the expectation that new processors and desktop solutions from Intel shall be soon hitting the market. We have been hearing much buzz about Intel’s new chip such as the Intel Corei7 and chances are people will start looking for them these holidays to put their bonuses to good use. The problem is how do you get rid of the old ones?

For one, price drops and cheap computer packages are bound to be spreading like crazy. People may be looking at the new Intel Corei7 processors but make no mistake about it, customers are not about to let good deals pass. Pairing these discounted desktops with fast moving products such as NVIDIA video cards or large capacity hard disks are bound to be aplenty as people are looking to upgrade old computers for faster and powerful ones offered today.

So are the customers going to bite? Surely they will. The new processors will be out and one thing that people are expecting are price drops. The new Intel Corei7 is not expected to come out cheap as for sure, only a selected few can afford them once they hit the market.

With that in mind, consumers are expected to have a field day checking out the stores for their usual packages this Christmas. They will get rid of old inventory but it all depends on the lucrative deal that will be offered by them.

Check out Computer Packages after a Month

Technology means fast evolution of parts and this includes introduction of new parts and peripherals that are far better than initially offered parts. Hence, the issue of knowing when to buy and when to wait is something most seasoned computer buyers normally get used to. Observe and you will see that people normally wait a month to a year before they consider buying a new computer part of an entire PC for that matter.

Why is that? For one, the value of a certain computer part depreciates fast. Unlike the traditional depreciation methods of assets, computers depreciate faster. For example, if a car depreciates according to the number of years, computers and parts may as well be seen to depreciate faster in a couple of months. You can see the price discrepancies and how the demand for them increases over time. There is simply a big difference.

PC parts come in all shapes and sizes and while that is true, you can bet that a new PC only retains its overall value for a couple of days. The next thing you know a new part like a video card or memory chip will be available in the market possessing higher value and demand. That is how fast the technological evolution process takes place.

Hence, the wise PC buyer would normally buy one after a couple of months when he notices a significant drop in prices. It may be a hard task especially for the enthusiastic PC buyer but you can just imagine at how much savings he can get by waiting just a little bit.

Computer Sales Expected to Be affected by Economic Crisis

These days, everyone is in a stale state. For one, no one knows how prices and the cost of living will be after the Wall Street debacle which saw a couple of big corporate giants, Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch, file for bankruptcy and corporate restructuring. The technology sector is expected to be affected as well since as far as priority of finances would mean foregoing any plans of investing in the computer needs that a person may have. But will it?

Contrary to what many are saying, expect a wide array of budget-priced computer peripherals to be offered in the market. For sure, computer part manufacturers are likewise thinking of ways to survive this crisis plaguing the whole world at the moment. Just consider big companies faltering and you may wonder what the smaller companies would have to deal with?

Ask the professionals and they will tell you that the computer industry is a totally different venture. As far as financials are concerned, they are inter-linked. In doing business however, computers are expected to get a pinch in the arm but knowing how people are demanding for technology breakthrough today, it is highly unlikely we will see a drop in technology demands.

Computers offer more than just business aids. They can be seen as good tools to start a business even at home. So as far as advice on buying a computer is concerned, make sure you get the right stuff that can make you proactive and productive.