Housecleaning your Hard Disk

Chances are, no matter how large your hard disk would be, you will always run out of space. With new files and demands that the Internet supplied, you are bound to use up that space regardless of how large your gigabyte storage would be. So what is a person to do? Well for one, you can always clean up, delete unused files or burn them to a CD or DVD for later reference. But the question is which files would you still want?

Normally, documents and spreadsheets would be retained as they eat up lesser space on computers. Downloaded software, audio and video files would normally be the best space savers when it comes to deleting or backing them up for later use. For some, there will be files that they want to remain on their computer. But get real. It would be crazy to want all those files always there. Just leave out what you want.

For songs, it could be your favorite tunes. Videos can be a couple but not the ones where full length movies are bound to reach 4 gigabytes per file. Software would be best burned to a disk since one time installation would not no longer require them after they are installed.

After deleting these files, it would be best to do a scandisk or defragmenter to optimize your PC. In most cases, they will leave some fragments which if not properly defragmented, will slow your PC performance. Depending on your hard disk size, it can take a while. That is perhaps the downside of having large hard disk storage. It takes longer to defrag.

With High Gigabytes, Do you Need Multiple Hard Drives?

When I was buying a new network card for my busted one, I couldn’t help overhear the new specs of current computer buyers today. One thing that struck me the most was the presence of a 500 Gigabyte hard drive. I sort of like told myself, “Whoa! Now that is STORAGE”. It takes me back in time where I was wondering how many 60 to 80 gigabyte hard disks a plain computer could handle but 500 gigabyte? That is like time 6 of previous storages of hard disks in the market.

Immediately you would think, what files you would place with such a big storage capacity. Never mind if it is a Seagate or a Maxtor, the point is you have more than enough data storage capacity to work on. In fact, it made me wonder, would people still need multiple hard disks where one is programmed to be assigned as the master hard disk while the other is a slave?

Unless of course if you are a crazy downloader of audio, video or even software files, having one 500 gigabyte hard disk is sufficient. But that is quite a lot of storage space and if you ask me, it would be best to partition it to avoid disk problems such as when the time comes you have to use tools such as Scan Disk or Defragmentation. Imagine the time you have to wait for if the whole 500 gigabyte were to be used? You are lucky if it doesn’t take days!