Do you delete search history?

delete search history automaticallySearch history is a big privacy concern these days and many people don’t know it is being collected and stored in all kinds of places on your PC. Here’s just a few places history can be stored:

  • In your web browser
  • In the search box at your search engine of choice
  • In any toolbars that you search from
  • In Google itself, if you have a Google Account

If you aren’t deleting your search history from each of these places often you run the risk of your child, wife, boss, etc finding your search history and seeing everything you’ve searched for, which could be very private information.

People tend to think of dirty searches only and don’t worry if they aren’t doing that, they are ok, but you are actually far from it –

  • Do you really want your child to find out by accident that you are terminally ill?
  • Or your wife to find out what the perfect Christmas gift is that you got her, before christmas?
  • Or how about your boss simply taking a peek and seeing your recent job searches… uh oh.

The list goes on and on. Luckily there is help out there!

If you need a little help or want to delete every trace for maximum privacy automatically I suggest checking out the tool Bob reviews to delete search history permanently (recommended, automatic is key!). It works on Google Search, MSN and even more obscure engines like Dogpile.

Bob is one of the leading guys as far as search history goes so you’ll be in good hands to follow his advice!