Panda Software Heads Study for Child Internet Safety

One thing that most parents worry these days is the content that children can access on the web. Internet-related risks have been an issue for some time now and today, they have become worse, making it entirely disturbing since we are all aware how much the Internet has evolved and enticed practically anyone of all ages to go online.

On that note, Panda Security, a world leader in IT security, today announced that it is encouraging consumers to participate in a nationwide study that surveys parents and educators to better understand the evolving online behaviors of children and their families, and guarantee their safety against Internet-related risks.

“Internet-related risks are clearly on the rise, and children are especially vulnerable,” said Carlos Zevallos, security evangelist, Panda Security U.S.A. “Panda Security is dedicated to children’s safety, and we are taking strides to foster partnerships, promote educational programs and develop solutions that will keep kids and their families safe in the wake of escalating cyber threats. The results of this study will help us better understand what children and their parents are aware of with regard to taking online safety precautions, and we’re looking forward to learning from and sharing the results.”

Panda Security has been conducting the survey through private channels until now, and it will be open to parents and educators through March 13, 2009. Participants will be given a free 30-day trial of Internet Security 2009 for their contributions.


EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Home Edition

Everyone is familiar with hard disk partitioning, particularly the ones who own large storage devices and want to divide the storage capacity into equal and smaller proportions. And with the influx of new hardware sizes in the terabyte era, here is one software that is certain to be of great use for people who want to easily and effectively make the right space allocation for their new hard drives today.

EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Home Edition, like its name, “partition master,” has a powerful range of functions such as resizing partitions, formatting partitions, copying partitions, creating new partitions, deleting partitions, hiding partitions, changing drive letters, setting active partitions and a handful of other functions. It’s the best choice for computer users who need a free partition manager to optimize the performance of a computer.

EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Home Edition is totally free with hardware RAID supported. In addition, this free partition manager supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit) Operating Systems and also different file types. It can handle 32 hard drives, up to 1.5TB. However, the most outstanding feature is its ability to resize and move partitions without any data loss. Moreover, the “Partition Copy” and “Disk Copy” utility of EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Home Edition can protect your data loss from program error or some other accidental occurrence.

Hard disk space can be a problem if you don’t partition them properly into manageable spaces. Especially when you consider defragging them, the time element allows you to focus on one part of the drive rather than the whole which can take hours to finish. And with terabytes, you may even say it can take you days to optimize your hard drive.


Speed is not Everything in a PC

When you get a new PC that contains the latest specifications offered in the market, you will always be thinking of speed. Normally, a new PC will perform up to par but if you notice, at some point it will deteriorate and slow down.

A lot has to do with the programs you install and use. The more programs you have on your PC, the larger the load will become. A PC user cannot help but install as they wish the programs that they have and normally it eats up space and adds to the usual processes that a standard computer has to run.

Once that happens, you can notice a decline in system performance. You may even think you have a worm or a virus inside. But while that would be a good conclusion, do consider the fact that there is such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to your computer capacity. No matter how large the hard drive may be, it remains that processors and memory chips also have their limitations.

That is perhaps the wrong notion that most people think. While it is apparent that some computers come out with awesome specs, they also have limitations. And depending on the type of program you use, the latest it is then the higher the specs needed.

Try to limit what you install. Avoid overloading your hard drive and of course your desktop. The decline in speed is normally because of this and before you know it, you may be depriving yourself of a good performing PC.

Check Software before Buying Hardware

Most of the time, when you PC slows down, chances are you would blame it to obsolete hardware and parts. While that may be a possibility, it is likewise possible as well that your computer may be taking up too much load or even contaminated with a virus or spyware. So before you count the bucks on how much that new desktop is going to cost, try and consider checking first software components before making a final call to upgrade your computer.

The easiest way is to really buy a new computer. Especially if you have the funds for it, then why not? But at times, you have to be practical when upgrading, especially if your computer is not that out of date. Some people have a computer for just about a year and yet they conclude that a new one is in order which may not be that conventional considering computers and peripherals change fast thanks to technology developments.

For others who are not as keen on changing computers as frequent, this is a good alternative. In fact you can find some useful scanners and analyzers online such as that of:

1. Yahoo Anti-Spy
2. Panda Online Scanner

These two softwares are apparently overlooked. Normally, it would be best to get the whole package. But if you are on the crossroads of deciding on what to do with that slowpoke computer then perhaps it would be best to consider these analyzers before making any hasty decisions. The difference can be totally significant and easier on the pocket.

Housecleaning your Hard Disk

Chances are, no matter how large your hard disk would be, you will always run out of space. With new files and demands that the Internet supplied, you are bound to use up that space regardless of how large your gigabyte storage would be. So what is a person to do? Well for one, you can always clean up, delete unused files or burn them to a CD or DVD for later reference. But the question is which files would you still want?

Normally, documents and spreadsheets would be retained as they eat up lesser space on computers. Downloaded software, audio and video files would normally be the best space savers when it comes to deleting or backing them up for later use. For some, there will be files that they want to remain on their computer. But get real. It would be crazy to want all those files always there. Just leave out what you want.

For songs, it could be your favorite tunes. Videos can be a couple but not the ones where full length movies are bound to reach 4 gigabytes per file. Software would be best burned to a disk since one time installation would not no longer require them after they are installed.

After deleting these files, it would be best to do a scandisk or defragmenter to optimize your PC. In most cases, they will leave some fragments which if not properly defragmented, will slow your PC performance. Depending on your hard disk size, it can take a while. That is perhaps the downside of having large hard disk storage. It takes longer to defrag.

Aching to Get that Dual Processor Chip

If you have been using an old but reliable Pentium IV chip for the past 5 years, chances are you may be fine with it. But you cannot discount the fact that sometimes you want to know the difference when it comes to performance of using a dual processor chip, most of which is available in the market today.

But the problem is financing it. No thanks to the rising costs and the lack of funds, all you can do is read on reviews and try to earn as much as possible. You will get there but if you think of it, would there be something new in the market once you get to finally buy it?

It thus lies on a choice between gambling and identifying why you would want a new processor chip in hand. For most, it comes with work and practicality to be able to use advanced software and tasks that your computer is being used for. Remember that the system requirements of most software today are growing and unless you are able to shift and upgrade to higher PC requirements, you may find yourself trying to make do with your current setup and live with the level of competency you can do while you are saving up for a new CPU at the most.

For sure that dream dual processor is within reach. It’s just timing and knowing when you can be able to finally purchase it. Who knows if by tomorrow you can get one? Anything is possible. It is the waiting that really sucks.

The Fruits of Computers to Daily Activities

Computers have undoubtedly made life easier for people today. One thing you will notice is that they have simplified and made things faster especially for business establishments who want a faster way of processing transactions and keeping track of reports when needed.

In the olden days, reports normally took weeks to months to prepare. Computers were there but the manual input using software such as Microsoft Excel only helped a tad bit. But today, thanks to modern programming, inputs and proper collection of data stored in databases have made life entirely easier. With one click, you can get your daily sales reports or even browse through transaction records without having to worry about inconsistency.

As far as hardware requirements are concerned, you will be surprised the even the Pentium I can be a good workstation to use. Normally, software programs are based on data transfer and the modules that they use do not require quite high specs.

But the reality today is that you can no longer buy these ancient Pentium I computers as we often see today the dawn of dual processors. As an alternative, you can always look at the AMD or Celeron processors which are a lot cheaper than the traditional dual core Pentium processors in the market. While many are apprehensive regarding their durability, all other components such as the memory modules and video cards will most certainly be minor since they can operate on either processor chosen by the end-use.

New Programs Need Higher PC Specs

Each year we see new programs being introduced in the market. Games and graphics lead the pack of new software in the market and you have to wonder which part of your PC hardware would have to be upgraded. Memory modules? Hard disk space requirements? New dual processors?

We often hear of new hardware upgrades available in the market. They come often and you have to wonder why computer peripheral manufacturers develop them ever so often. In fact, you have to wonder if there is a link with the software developers and them. For sure there will be some and also a business development aspect to which current IT trends and development help manufacturers devise new hardware for the future.

That is why you will notice, whenever a new program comes out, chances are you will need the minimum PC requirements. There are times when you have the minimum requirements but would have issues as far as optimized performance. With that said, what would a computer owner resort to? What else but to buy new hardware of a higher capacity in the market.

If you look at it, it is like a merry-go-round. You have to adhere towards current demands of the market based on the common PC user. A PC is always open for improvement. That is why computer peripherals are offered individually and compatible with various motherboards and sockets these days. Technology will always offer you something new. It has been common for us to check them out and if satisfied, buy them. New programs need higher specs on peripherals. Users need to be a step ahead to be assured of optimized performance.

Being a Step Ahead of the Software Requirements

For most software that you install, there will be the ideal PC requirements provided so you can be assured of optimum performance for programs and games you will install on your PC. At times, varied differences as far as video specifications, memory and processor capacity will be stated. But while many would see the usual minimal requirements, you have to consider the fact on whether these will be sufficient to satisfy the level of performance you are expecting once these software programs are installed.

Based on experience, it would never hurt to be a step ahead. This entails making sure that you are installing the software on hardware that is a bit advanced. For example, if video card requirements are at least 128 MB, why not install a 256 MB video card if the difference is just a couple of bucks? Or perhaps if memory requires at least 256 RAM, why not go double like 512?

Some may call it overkill but they are really some form of making sure that you get best performance from these programs. Remember that if you go for minimal requirements, you will eventually find yourself wanting better performance and hence upgrading these concerned hardware peripherals in the end.

In summary, do not take the minimal system requirements as a measure of competent utilization of programs. They are placed there so that you know that the program will indeed run. But as far as great performance is concerned, do consider the fact that it is not stated anywhere in that part of the software box for you to ponder on as well.