Backtracking to the NeXT Computer

Do you remember your first computer? I can still remember my first one, known as the XT series. You can just imagine how rare hard drives were back then, making use of the Jurassic floppy drives that started everything in the computing binge. They have incrementally shrunk and today we donít even use the floppy drive anymore. We make use of the hard drive or the portable USB drives while others make the most out of their optical storage solutions, thing we never foresaw back then.

Then there was the usual monochrome look to which users with the VGA card were the big dogs in the computing industry. Today, you are practically allowed to watch videos in full living color, something that many would see as common as long as you get the right RGB colors to enjoy movies and graphics as clearly and defined as possible.

Most of these cropped up when I came across this post, the NeXT computer which is rare these days. I donít know if it still functional but it is a collectorís item. NeXt was actually the company where Steve Jobs started out when he was booted out of Apple in 1985. These extremely high end and high priced computers eventually moved to an all-software model.

Itís a historical device. Tim Berners-Lee used a NeXT Computer in 1991 to create the first web browser and web server, and John Carmack used a NeXTcube to build Wolfenstein 3D and the original Doom.