Goodbye Mice Hello Touch Screen

Touch Screen technology is obviously the new craze as far as providing an alternative interface in the world of PC computing. One day, they may even replace the standard keyboards or mice, two PC components that are needed to enjoy the privileges of using a PC.

At the moment, the real issue is cost. Technology comes with a price and apparently this is one aspect that is the stumbling block of consumers who want to make the jump to new technology. Actually that has always been the case. As far as which technology to use, here is one design that is bound to point us towards that concrete proof of PC interface shifts.

Proposed to be sold as a stand-alone unit the HP LiM (Less is More) concept is set to feature a 19? transparent touch OLED screen along with a wireless keyboard. The touch screen slides down to create a more ergonomic touch experience and easy navigation. It also features a virtual trackpad thus cutting down on mouse costs.

It does seem enticing to look forward to promising tomorrows. But the matter of cost is also another thing to consider. During these times of economic recession, all we can do is wait for economies to improve. If not, all of these will remain concepts and restricted to people who can really afford them.


Dawn of Touch Screen Technology Starts

One of the key innovations that one would notice from the presenting companies over at the CES would be that of the evolution of Touch Screen technology. This new approach of interface towards PC computing is noticeable and from the looks of it, we will be witness to most of this by the coming year.

Most of the top brands like HP, Asus and MSI have integrated Touch Screen technology. HP for one is making full use of its TouchSmart IQ504T that is somewhat similar to familiar kiosks we see in schools, hotels and malls. So for businesses, potential shifts toward improving business with new features using these technological breakthroughs seem to be on the horizon.

Asus and Seattle are following the same route, packaging an all-in-one desktop that becomes a more logical way of enhancing business solutions with computers today with easier interface options outside that of the usual keyboard and mouse.

But along with these features comes a price. Take the dx9000 Touch Smart business PC for instance which has been pegged to cost as much as $1,400. It has the same-sized 22-inch multi-touch screen and built-in Webcam as the IQ504t, but adds a faster 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo P8400 CPU and greater support options.

The Asus seems to be cheaper at $600. The Asus Eee Top runs Windows XP and features a 15.6-inch display, 802.11n Wi-Fi, plus a built-in 1.3Mp Webcam and speakers. Asus mentioned its 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard disk and GMA950 graphics.