NBA Coaches Shifting Towards Computers for Plays?

We see them on television most of the time. In any basketball game, plays have to be reviewed and with the use of the standard coaching board using magnets or perhaps a water-based marker, a coach is able to direct the offense or defense of his players on the court and make sure that they execute their plays accordingly.

But this is a form of ancient practice. Sure we have seen the shift from the initial use of chalk and mapping out plays on the ground towards the useful whiteboards. However, could we see the shift from manual to computerized use of player positions and moves soon?

We see the technology from television broadcasts. The sports analysts do it on their own but as far as actual coaches in leagues such as the NBA is concerned, would we see them carrying a laptop soon?

There may be a lot of issues here considering that at their age, current coaches may not be that adept nor flexible towards using advanced means of coaching. There are drawing boards in use and while it seems that technology is known to make life easier, computer integration may have to come up with a new gadget that is not bulky nor hard to handle.

It is possible but unless that specific gadget for coaching comes out, don’t expect to see the coaches bringing a laptop or a touch screen monitor to each game. They will be looking at something better and handy than their whiteboard and that is a sure thing to consider.


Monitors with Touch Screen Technology

We have seen a lot of computers that offer touch screen technology. In fact today, we see most of them from the small gadgets such as the iPhone where people can choose between using a stylus or their fingers to navigate to any page or part of their device.

As far as desktops are concerned, there are some that use touch screen technology. A lot of them are used in the malls where interface to allow consumers to get information and know where they are just exactly can be done easily through these designated kiosks. But this is the commercial sector and now it makes you wonder if the same technology would be soon seen to the normal home.

Other than taking out the need for the use of mice and trackballs, the idea of having touch screen monitors does indeed look tempting. Imagine the ease and the techie part of using touch screen technology and you will perhaps be excited to know when it would come to be. While there are some who use add-ons to the current crop of default monitors in the market, there is no actual monitor to date that has been offered to the private consumers. Apparently the issue here is the feasibility of demand and affordability.

Not all people would be willing to spend that much on something that can be done using old style technology. Knowing how sophisticated this may be, these new pieces of computer are sure to cost a fortune. But while we are at it, who knows when some generic brand may come out? Similar to new technology, they are bound to come out expensive at first but cheaper when other manufacturers come out with their own brands.