Configure firewalls for your internet based applications (part 1)


One of the most puzzling things that a PC user must do when he has an internet connection is configuring the firewall. I consider myself an high level intermediate user already but I still get stumped when it comes to firewall configuration.The good thing about a firewall is that once you have configured it, you usually do not need to tinker with it anymore even if you update your internet based application:

1. The first step that you should take when you configure the firewall is by identifying what type of firewall you possess. Look at the task bar or the Windows program menu and locate the firewall software that is being used.

2. A bit of information you should remember is that the Windows XP firewall is not found on the tray icon. You can only find the Windows XP firewall by going to the Control Panel (which you can see when you click on Start) and then looking for it at the Security Center.

3. Try to find out if the firewall you are going to use is a personal firewall or a Corporate firewall. A personal firewall can be configured quite easily. A corporate firewall will entail more technical skills from you so it is a good idea to contact the product seller so that they could help you in configuring it.

4. Upon finding the firewall, open your firewall software, and look for the option that would indicate the program settings, configuration or the program control. If you are unable to locate a program setting tab or option in the main screen then try looking for one in such tabs as “option”, “settings”, “configure options”.