Configure firewalls for your internet based applications (part 2)


This is the continuation of my discussion on how to configure your firewall: 1. When you are already in the program configuration screen, try to locate the particular internet based application and its status if it is permitted to access the internet or if it is blocked. If the application is not in the list then you should add that application to the list.2. Add the application by clicking on Add Application or Add Program and list the exact path of the application that you want to add. The most common location for applications is at the program files folder in C. Locate the particular application folder that you want to add and then look for the executable files (identified with the .exe or .com extension).

3. Upon locating the program, add it to the program list in the firewall software and allow the said program to access the internet.

4. When you have already given permission for the application to access the internet it will allow you to update your program without disabling the firewall.

5. If you use Windows XP’s firewall, you should click on the Start button and go to the Control Panel. From there click on Security. If you do not have Service Pack 2 click on Windows Firewall.

6. When you are already in the Windows Firewall section, click on the Exceptions tab located at the top.

7. From the list of programs that are in the Exceptions list try to locate the program that you want to update or want to give internet access. When you have found it, put a check mark before the program so that it will be allowed to access the internet without any interruptions. If the program is not listed then you should add it then click on the application.