Desktop Dress-up: Icons and Cursors


If you look at your desktop after you have minimized or closed all of the application windows – the thing that pops out at you after the wallpaper are the various icons on the desktop and the mouse cursor. If there is one thing that you absolutely cannot do with WindowBlinds as well as other skinning programs is actually set the icon preferences. Skins and themes can actually change the look of an icon but more often than not when you apply your wallpaper this sets your icon labels and makes it look dark and clunky. If you want to regain the sleek look of your icons you can use a small application called Iconoid. The notable features of this customization program is its ability to make the caption fields of the icons transparent as well as the ability to hide icons when the computer is idle.When the icons themselves are beginning to be a bore and is actually clashing with both your sense of style and the style that you have acquired for your desktop you can try to download the various icons and programs that can help you build customized icons for your own personal use. Imagine using icons that follow your Simpsons, Star Wars or X-Men theme! If you are a person who loves to design stuff you can download Microangelo, an application that allows a person to fully create icons.

Even cursors can be customized if you are already quite bored with the plain white arrow that comes as the default cursor of your operating system. Even though the cursor has options for you to change it, these tend to be small with very poor resolution. Third party programs like CursorXP is a great way of getting wonderful looking cursors that will surely catch your eye.