Desktop dress-up: Wallpapers

Probably the most dominant and most noticeable part of your desktop customization project is the wallpaper. This is simply because it occupies the most real estate – the whole screen. And whenever you minimize any application in your desktop it is your wallpaper that is immediately seen.Wallpapers are also the most common item that is customized in a computer simply because it is easiest to change. Any person who has a passing knowledge of the operating system that they use will know how to change the wallpaper. It is for these reasons why customizing the wallpaper becomes quite an obsession for some people.

One good way of putting some much needed glitz to your monitor screen is by using a personal picture or a photo that you have downloaded online as your wallpaper. You can also decide to get an application called Wallpaper Master Pro to organize your photos into a rotating gallery. Another application that is also worth considering is Webshots Desktop which allow you to wallpaper your desktop with the photos in your Webshots album as well as with the Webshots albums of other people. Another option that you can take in order to put a slick and goodlooking wallpaper on your desktop is another application called Desktop Earth. This awesome piece of software is a wallpaper generator that runs whenever you are online and logged on. The software posts an accurate depiction of the earth as seen from outerspace at that precise moment. This is the kind of wallpaper that is not only visually arresting it also serves as a good conversation piece.