Desktop dress-up: Widgets


One of the newest ways in which you can really dress up your desktop is by using little interactive applications called Widgets. The good thing about these widgets is that they are actually not just eye candy. They actually have a definite and distinctive use that can really enhance the experience of using your computer. These little floating applications on your desktop really add a dash of life on an otherwise static screen and you get a lot out of it in terms of functionality. For example, the Yahoo Widgets Engine, which was formerly known as the Konfabulator, contains about 20 streamlined and highly customizable widgets that are quite useful in telling time, giving forecasts on the weather, as well as checking email and RSS feeds. If the default functions of the widgets engine are not enough the hidden control panel actually connects you to a gallery of over 3000 various widgets that have been developed either by Yahoo or the various user communities online.Of equal versatility and usability are the Google gadgets that you can also download. Google Desktop will allow you to install the little gadgets like the Google Calendar, Weather Globe, and Digg’s Top Stories. A number of other Google gadgets can also be downloaded online as well as other Google gadgets that have been developed by various users all over the world.

For those who need to know if they have a new email as soon as it is received, the Gmail Notifier is a big help. It runs separate from Google Desktop, which is a compulsory engine that is needed to run the other Google Gadgets.