Going Wireless not always Wisest

These days, we see in the computer shops wireless keyboards and mice being offered. Personally, I find them as totally useless. Why would a person want a wireless gadget for their computer? It is not like you cannot move your current keyboard and mouse far from the screen. Actually when you think of it, who would want farther from the keyboard?

The reason behind why I find this entirely outrageous is the fact that they pose more problems than good. I can understand why wireless is being done these days but if you are the technically inclined person, would you really need one? Outside that of bragging rights, the feasibility of having a keyboard farther away from your LCD monitor seems to be illogical. The only thing I can see as a benefit from it is to avoid the usual wirings that get entangled behind your CPU and nothing more. Besides I heard they run out of batteries fast!

Add to this the fact that they cost double than the usual wired keyboards or mouse we normally need. Paying for more for a standard device seems crazy and if you are wise, it would be best to stick to the default way of using your computer for work or any normal practice we do today.

While it seems that many people are fascinated by these wireless devices, don’t be. They will give you more problems in the end and I will not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself wanting to replace them with the old style keyboards or mouse.