Improve your LCD monitor’s picture quality

One of the easiest ways to vastly improve the quality of the images that come out of an LCD monitor is by using the monitor’s DVI connector and connecting that to a video card that is DVI enabled. The reason for this is very simple. LCD monitors actually use digital connections, but it suffers a performance hit when it is connected using the VGA connector, which is an analog connection. What happens here is that the VGA signal still has to be converted from analog to digital that results in a loss in overall image quality.To ensure that you get the most out of your LCD monitor make sure that your video card and LCD monitor both have DVI connectors. The DVI connector is usually white and rectangular with holes for the pins. If you have confirmed that you have these connections then you should buy a DVI male to male connector and connect one end to the DVI connector of the video card and another end to the LCD monitor’s DVI connector.

When you have made the connections turn on both the LCD monitor and the PC. The next step is to set the LCD monitor to read the signal from the DVI input. You should consult your LCD monitor’s manual for this as each model or brand has its own set of instructions. When you have done this, you simply need to right click on the desktop to open the Display window. Go to Settings and slide the slider of the Screen Resolution to set your resolution to the optimal setting for the LCD.