Larger Partitions Needed for Windows 7 Installers

For the many people eagerly installing the Windows 7, you may have noticed by now that you need big space allocations on your hard drive to install them. Apparently, many of us are familiar with partitioning and if you are planning to install this latest Microsoft operating system, adjust the partitions so that you will not have space issues once you commence installation.

As the next release of Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 has drawn much attention even though it is still in testing phase and lots of Windows fans can’t wait to try it out. Installing Windows 7 Beta alongside other Operating Systems for a dual boot system seems to be a trend. And the first step is to resize the current System Partition.

Easy operation and data security are the key factors that computer users are most concerned about when resizing their System Partitions. To fulfill the aim of EASEUS group to make life easy, EASEUS Partition Master is designed for simple operation. And the most attractive feature is that all the data is completely protected during the resizing process. Besides resizing and moving partitions, EASEUS Partition Master also provides a wide range of other functions, including: Copy/Disk Partition, Hide/Unhide partitions, Create, Delete and Format partitions.

EASEUS Partition Master is a nice choice for Windows users to resize their System Partitions to install Windows 7. This freeware works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit). For 64 bit, please try EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition.