Maintain a Regular CPU Cleaning Schedule

The inside of your CPU will certainly gather dust and while others would have the specialists or technicians handle it. This cannot be avoided since there are some people who would have hesitations since they might touch or nudge something in the internal chips which may become an issue or problem for most.

Basically, it is just a matter of building a puzzle and placing them back into place. There are even some people who just use an ordinary paint brush and either a blower or a vacuum cleaner to make sure that the gathered dust will not affect the performance of the computer as a whole. You just have to remember which part you took out and make sure that it fits back easily when you are finished. Do not force a socket or pin back. Denting a single pin can be critical in getting your computer to function properly again.

One thing that should be highlighted here is the fact that the fans inside the CPU will be the ones which will be direly affected. The thicker this dust particles become may be a reason for heating once these CPU and Auxiliary fans are covered with them. You can notice that when you try to take out the fans. The dirty particles will have gathered in the heat sink and that alone can be a problem in the near future.

It is really easy to clean the inside if you are careful and patient. All you have to do is to take it one part at a time. You don’t need an expert to do this for you.