It’s an OC’ed world


I admit it, my math skills are not the greatest. I’m a great fan of computers and everything involved with it but one thing that really whizzes through my head whenever it is discussed is the subject of overclocking. There is just too many numbers involved and need to be considered for me to really understand it. That is the reason why I have never really attempted to overclock my processor, my video card or my RAM.But fortunately, I saw this great forum that discussed overclocking in a manner that is quite easy to understand and follow. The forum at essentially deals with now to overclock your video card so you can squeeze more juice from the card itself thereby making the video card run at higher clock speeds. This then allows you to put the settings on the games that you are playing on higher parameters making the graphics look better.

Overclocking can be a nightmare when it comes to the actual implementation phase. But the forum threads started in are really quite helpful for PC users of all skill levels. There is even a sticky thread on a beginner’s guide on how to overclock a video card. That in itself is worth the price of registration, so to speak (registration is of course free!). Another advantage is that there are threads started on the different video cards that are available in the market. This means that you will likely find a fellow PC user who may also be using the same 9600 pro card that you have.