Reliance on Computers

As far as technology is concerned, it would be an understatement if we would not admit that for most, both personal and business, we have been overly reliant on computer use. Too reliant that while we find computers as a big lifesaver, we forget to go further when treating certain issues such as backups and computer maintenance.

Computers make our life easier. That is a fact. But it also remains that for these devices to be able to work properly and efficiently, human intervention and responsibilities still remain. Here are some of the forgotten human responsibilities that account for human errors on computers these days:

1. Periodic Backup of data and system resources
2. Scandisk utilization
3. Defragmentation of Hard Drives
4. Proper Uninstallation of Programs
5. Spring Cleaning of CPU chips

These are things that are not so hard to do. But people are either afraid to try or lazy do them. Both are really unacceptable. The fact remains that computers do not have a mind of their own. They can perform certain routines but that will not happen if they are not programmed or scheduled. In short, human intervention is still imminent. Without it, a computer will sit there and do nothing but gather dust.

These days, if you want technology to work for you, you have to do your part in making it happen. A small effort will not hurt. And it is not even that complicated to do.