The Preference Between Linux and Windows

Between Windows and Linux, you will hear a majority of the players choosing the former since many of us have bee accustomed to it and know the way it works more or less. The commands and features are elementary to us while Linux, a supposed more steady operating system, needs orientation once more for people to be able to use.

Ever since Linux was introduced into the market, there have been people who have studied it and have likewise gotten the hang of it. But compared to Windows operating systems which seem to be around for ages, the preference is still for an operating system that you are familiar with.

Windows still has flaws and issues to address. The initial release of operating software by Microsoft is not bug-free. There are patches that you have to download to ensure safe and stable processes when you use your PC. They are normally free and if you fail to apply these patches, chances are you will see your computer going haywire at one time or another.

For Linux, the clamor is that it is stable. But as far as familiarity is concerned, it still needs to cover a lot of lost ground in terms of seasoned users. There is no doubt that Linux is a great alternative.

But basing it on the acceptance that most people react to today, only a few are willing to accept change. That is perhaps one reason why Linux has been relegated to specialized cases such as internal networks since it is reliable in that aspect.

For standards PC users, Microsoft Windows products are still the logical choice and preference we see today.