Understanding Jumper Cable Settings

If you get the chance to view your motherboard, most probably you would see a complicated setup as to how the backbone of a PC would work. Just imagine one malfunctioning chip and the impact it can have on the whole hardware you have. It takes one simple chip or diode to wreck all of it.

The question of identifying which one it may be is a blackhole. Some technicians may be able to trace it but in most cases, such a scenario would lead to changing the whole motherboard to avoid the trouble. So what are the instances wherein you would consider replacing your motherboard rather than wait and have it repaired?

1. Don’t fool around with the jumper cables.
There are certain settings that jumpers in your motherboard have been programmed for. Some may point towards reading the right memory chips while others pertain to the overall health of you PC as far as plug and play features are concerned. There are some of us who see technicians tinker around with them but in reality, it may not be a wise one if you do not know what you are doing. Avoid being a professional technician if you don’t know the effects that such would have on your PC.

2. Avoid spilling liquids on motherboards.
Such is a similar thing in mobile phones. Ever wonder why some phones get busted after they are accidentally dropped with a single drop of water? The same holds for a PC motherboard. Just provide that extra understanding that you motherboard must be free from such inconsistencies and you will have less things to worry about.