Learn Your Lesson from Past Windows Software

Everyone gets excited when there is a new operating system or software that Microsoft unveils in the market. But while most of the software that Bill Gates has introduced seem to always have bugs in them, it is quite interesting to note why the various operating systems that they unleash are always susceptible to bugs and patches.

It is understandable that operating systems are not immediately perfect once they are offered in the market. But it makes you wonder why Microsoft is always wants to distribute software that will always have its share of problems to which they should have foreseen. The answer here lies in a business aspect meaning if you are not updating your product line, your brand and image may fade fast if you don’t have another product up for release.

Knowing technology, this should always be ongoing. If you wait too long, the continuing process of product development may stand still and millions will be lost in the process.

Also, looking at the patches and service packs that Microsoft always announces, it can be seen as a form of marketing so that they can likewise keep track of who are using their products. How? Well have you ever wondered why aside from packaged service pack CD distribution, you are directed towards their site whenever patch updates are offered.

You can just imagine the load that their servers have to accommodate with practically the whole world having a Microsoft product in their home or office. But at least they know that the number of people who have bought their product are ranging from millions to billions.