Microsoft Vista Is Slowing Down Fast Processors

Ask around today and many are regretting using the new installment of Microsoft, the Windows Vista. We have had a knack for getting in with the times but apparently this time is an exception. Unlike the previous operating systems released by Microsoft, the slow process and system performance the Windows Vista is entirely irritating and more PC users today are trying to revert to Windows XP even if they are no longer updated nor offered for sale by Microsoft in local stores.

Would the PC user care at all? Apparently they don’t care if no more updates or patches would be released. They can wait for an improved Vista or perhaps another operating system that can be launched. In short, use anything but Windows Vista is what people are concluding right now.

Windows Vista seems to have a lot of areas that are not covered. Such is typical for most initial releases of Microsoft operating systems but the problem is that a PC owner cannot just format their hard drive similar to the past. They have to break the Vista system which may take some further steps which have already been posted here some months back.

If you want a review of how to go about it, you can check it out here.