Not All Windows XP Service Packs are Recommended

If you are using Windows XP, you may be surprised to find that after installing the Windows XP Service Pack 1, the succeeding ones are hard to install. For people who are unaware of the consequences of forcing the issue, the Windows Genuine checker will stop you from installing the Windows XP Service Pack 2. So if you cannot get past that, don’t expect to reach the Service Pack 3.

There are software (mostly pirated) that integrate the service packs to the Windows XP OS. Now that may be a good way to go about it but do remember that Microsoft is now on the prowl for pirated software and it can be detected using the update option to which the wiser ones have chosen to turn off.

But the real question is on whether you do need these service packs for a more stable operating system. There are issues such as driver issues and system crashes. Malware intrusion is another issue since some ports are prone to attacks if they are not covered. In a nutshell, PC users have little options as far as being able to choose of updating their OS for better security and updates or making do with their version that can be susceptible to viruses.

Such is a risk and price to pay for using pirated software. But if you don’t want to get caught, you are left with very little choices at this point. To avoid it all, just buy the genuine one and save yourself the trouble of legal and technical issues for your PC.