Wired for information


One of the few things that I do not do when I go modding my PC is to make changes to anything electrical. I have no confidence in my electrical skills – in fact, I’d frequently get grounded in my electronics class when I was in high school. That was how big of a klutz I was. Because of this I have never attempted anything remotely involving electricity on my PC. Not only is the feeling of being electrocuted still fresh on my mind, I am also afraid that doing something wrong might fry my motherboard and / or my processor – and we all know how expensive that mistake will be.Currently, as a way of removing my fear of making electrical mods and also as a way of enriching my knowledge about the subject. Unfortunately, I have yet to encounter a good enough resource online that would really be able to teach a person the ins and outs of electricals for PCs in a manner that is comprehensive yet easy to understand.

Take for example, this section on electronics and wiring on xoxideforums.com. The section should be commended for actually having a dedicated area for all things that would require electronics and wiring a PC. What I just do not like is that the subjects are a bit lacking. There should be a subsection for newbies and new enthusiasts. Although the sticky thread on lights, fans and switches is a nice touch, more sticky threads along these lines would be appreciated. It would also be a great idea if there is a worklog for members’ electonics and wiring projects as a way of teaching others.

I am hopeful though that xoxideforums.com will be able to further develop this section because they have started something potentially good and useful.